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For what its worth I've seen this same product annually in the fleamarket o=
f the EAA FlyIn at Oshkosh Wisconsin.  It always amazes me, too, but the fl=
eamarket atmosphere leaves me skeptical.  They demo it using customers that=
 really are customers. The stuff is incredibly expensive.
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  I was half-watching some (I THINK) automotive repair program the other
  night (spare TV in the computer room) and somebody was demonstrating a new
  adhesive.  They showed gluing various things to various other things like
  wood and rubber to steel and glass, etc.  as well as one image of making =
  O-ring out of a length of rubber rod.  That was the one that caught my
  eye.  The demo process was that you applied a liquid to the joint, pressed
  it together and then misted an activator to the outside of the
  joint.   Instantaneous adhesion.  The rubber rod, maybe 3/8" thick,
  immediately withstood the demonstrator putting a foot into the circle and
  pulling obviously hard on the ring he'd just made.

  The guy said getting just a tiny bit of the activator ANYWHERE in contact
  with the surface of the liquid at the joint made the adjesive cure.

  Anyway, they guy said to look it up at www.coolchem (at least that's what=
  thought I heard him say--there was no URL shown on the screen).  I've been
  unable to find it as coolchem, koolchem, kewlchem, kulchem, coolkem, etc.

  Anybody else see this and do a better job of catching a link for it?

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