Head liner coming down

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 16 10:48:46 EST 2002

I may try the aluminum strip repair for the moment. From Marks reply.

Thank for the info

Kevin Maloney wrote:

>The problem is not that the original adhesive has failed, but rather than
>the soft foam intermediate material has disintegrated. For this reason,
>trying to glue it back won't work, or at least not for long.  The hard foam
>insulation panels need to be removed and cleaned, and then new headliner
>material (foam-backed fabric) needs to be re-installed.  The upholstery ship
>I use has done this with many Audis of our vintage, and matching
>after-market headliner material is readily available. It's aabout $600 job
>in Manhattan Beach, CA, for the Avant ... perhaps a little less for sedan.
>Kevin Maloney
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>Hi Gang
>Went out to the car this am and found a good portion of my head liner
>behind the sun roof drooping. When I got the car I had a small bubble of
>head liner droop. I figured that would be a problem I could get to
>later. Well.........now it is tough to see out the rear window. I
>looking at the liner it seems the fabric is bonded to the foam of the
>headliner. I am thinking some 3M upholstery glue, my wife thinks some
>spray glue from a craft shop. I am worried about that the adhesive might
>melt the foam.
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