Tires (not a what do you like thread, at least not entirely)

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Sat Nov 16 10:58:34 EST 2002

Well, it appears that the used tires I purchased last year have expired
their lease on life, and like all good things, they too must come to an end.
  Since the outer edge is only bald, and not showing chord, I think I have a
little time.  Given the above, apparently I am going to need to acquire
another set of four to replace the soon to be dearly departed.

As a man with a self-mandated spending cap, I would like to first check to
see if any listers have a used set of tires in the stock 215/60-15 size.  My
requirements are basic; at least 50% of the tread left, a performance bias,
and even wear across the running surface.

Barring this, as I've hear good about Kumho, and some other Asian tire who's
name I'm currently incapable of remembering, does anybody know if they offer
a tire in the 215... size that's not a touring type?

Derek P

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