Datapoint: BPV vacuum line

CL Wong montesawong at
Sun Nov 17 07:08:20 EST 2002

Just a quick datapoint.  I replaced my BPV vacuum line
3.5 years ago.  Took a look at it yesterday for kicks
and found the rubber lines over the turbo had dried to
hard brittle bits that snapped with just a little

Re-route this vacuum line around the outside of the
airbox when you replace yours.

I used generic unbraided rubber vacuum/windshield
washer tubing because it was readily available ($3 / 6
ft).  Hopefully the thicker tube walls will improve


91 200Q 20v (Hoppen stage 1, Bilsteins, Eibachs, RKE)
97 A4 2.8Q 12v (Shaumberg T/B, K&N panel)
Rockland County, NY

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