John Zimmerman quickdeuce at
Sun Nov 17 23:40:20 EST 2002

I've been running the same tire (YOKOHAMA 215/60/15, All Season)since early
spring this year, and been nothing but happy with them.  Bought ours at Big
"O" for about $200 mounted, balanced and on the car.  They've got a 45k
warrantee and these dealers are fairly common out here in the Pacific NW.
Considering we've put only 109k on our 200 since new ('90). I suppose we'll
be replacing these before they wear out due to age rather than mileage.
Nope, we don't push 'em hard and only run at just a tad over the posted
speed limits.  They're very quiet and we havn't noticed a different ride
than with the original (47K on them) or the set of Michelins (62K) that
replaced the originals.   So in my opinion they're not a bad buy and may be
worth taking a look at.  I suppose that "if" you're looking for a
performance tire these may not be a wise choice.
John Z.  Salem, Or.
200 non Q sedan
Re: Tires (not a what do you like thread, at least not entirely) (Kneale
Brownson)I'm quite happy with the performance of the Yokohama AVS
215-60-15's Tire Rack had on sale last spring for about $45 each.  Works if
you don't need a cold conditions tires (I'm now on the Hakka Q's for the

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