New adhesive

Frederick Smith smitty at
Sun Nov 17 16:19:28 EST 2002

It's really not a QVC product, Snap-On sells a kit for repair
of plastics and rubber like plastics. Costs about $200.00 US
or so. Comes with primer adhesive and fillers if I remember right.

I found the same components, in lager quantities, at a local flea
market last summer. It really works as advertised. There is even a
bottle of some type of crystal/powder that is used to fill cracks
after adhesion.

The first test was on the handle of an 18v 3/8 drill that fell
from the top of a 12ft. step ladder. Over 1 year and still
working fine.It wasn't just cracked, it was totally seperated
and the swith dangling by the wires. The product I used was made in
Germany and the instructions were in German as well.

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