time to sell the 91 200 avant, probably

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Mon Nov 18 13:03:42 EST 2002

I'll bring you from Spain, a TDI Audi in two weeks if you whant when I get back from vacation.
Hopefully I'll get a Cordova TDI again this year as a rental.

Newark NJ

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> This is a decision I've been struggling with.
> I enjoy tinkering with my Audi(s) but with two small kids and a crappy
> economy, my time is best spent with my family, working on my home or
> trying to develop my IT technical skills in case I lose my job.
> A car that is over 12 years old, like the 200, is simply not reliable
> enough as a daily driver, unless you also have a 3rd car and/or a
> mechanic who lives nearby.  I have neither.
> This past weekend, with the assistance (yet not encouragement!) of a few
> listers, I flew/drove to New Hampshire and picked up a 2002 Suzuki XL-7
> for my wife.  Why on earth would you buy that, you wonder?
> It has a third row for occasional passengers, which comes in handy when
> you have kids.  It's bulletproof reliable and Suzuki just added a fully
> transferrable $0 deductable 7/100 powertrain warranty.  It got good
> crash test ratings.  And I got it for a really good price.
> Most important, it's the only new vehicle sold in the US with a 3rd row
> and a 5 speed manual transmission :)
> So, enter the Suzuki.  Now, what to sell?  Well, as I've explained I
> don't have time to work on the 200.  I've even thought of proactively
> replacing things that are likely to fail, but that adds up quickly.
> My other car is a 99.5 Jetta TDI which of course gets great MPG, and I
> have a 70 mile/day commute.  The practical thing to do is sell the Audi.
> I could keep it as a third car but I still wouldn't have time to fix it,
> and frankly if I'm going to have an Audi as a 3rd vehicle, I'd rather
> have an urq.
> It's kind of sad that I have "outgrown" so to speak the older Audis, yet
> I can't afford the new ones.  An A4 Avant Quattro TDI would fit my needs
> perfectly, but you can't get one.  Audi's US lineup interests me less
> and less these days.
> So, I'll drive the TDI through the winter and see what happens.  I may
> come across a deal on a neu-S4, otherwise my next vehicle will be an 04
> WRX or WRX STI, which are due in the Spring.
> Anyway... just musing.  Anyone interested in the 200 drop me a line.
> It's a well sorted silver/grey 91 200q20v with 104k miles
> for those that
> don't know the car, located in NY.
> | Dan |
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