Samco GP progress report

Patrick Anderson ptanders at
Mon Nov 18 12:01:18 EST 2002

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Okay, this is what I know so far. I emailed Forge Motorsports in both the U=
SA and UK locations. The UK office said that they would forward my GP reque=
st to the USA office and that they would take care of me. So then I get an =
email from the USA office saying that their prices are already VERY competi=
tive so the GP would only get us a 10% discount off regular retail (not sur=
e what regular retail is, hoping they will let me know soon). Apparently, t=
he last GP that was sourced from overseas really pissed off the US vendors =
so they may not be willing to do a GP for us. However, I emailed a contact =
at Forge UK asking what the price for an individual (not GP) would be. If t=
he price is similar to what Chewy4000 paid it would be a better deal to go =
that route. Waiting for a response from him.

Also, Samco says they are currently working on an 8-10 week turnaround. So =
it would be at least 2 months before they could make our hoses and get them=
 shipped. Though we all know how unreliable these estimates can be.

BTW, I have been keeping track of everyone who expressed interest in the GP=
, so far we have interest for 7 sets. If you haven't made a post expressing=
 interest go ahead and do so.

Will keep you guys updated when I get more info,
Patrick Anderson

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