Foul Weather Mystery

Peter Sebestyen PeterS at
Tue Nov 19 10:14:41 EST 2002


Thanks for the suggestions.  A couple things to add here - (1) the problem
is not new since replacing the belts so I'll throw that one out for now.
Also, if it were belts, I would expect the noise to follow RPM's.  False
assumption?  (2) I don't have the original filter so I can't swap it back.
I have however inspected the enclosure for moisture and have not seen any. I
see where this could cause the engine noise/vibration with water being
aspirated but not the screeching.  (3)  Alternator?  Hadn't thought of that.
If it got wet and shorted out, why would that cause either situation?  The
battery should supply the electrical needs in the interim so I don't follow
how that would cause the throaty noise - but maybe the screeching?  I'll
look at it.  (4) UFO water accumulation - that could explain the screeching
but not the throaty noise.  It would be a drag to have to listen to that
every time foul weather is encountered.  Converting the brakes would be nice
but $$$$$$ - not to mention that I just replaced rotors and pads (yes, it
was happening before I replaced them).  I'll pay closer attention to MPH
next time.

I'll look at your and report back.  I had assumed the two symptoms were the
same issue but now am thinking they are unrelated (screeching and the
throaty noise/vibration).  I'll break out the hose this week and start
spraying the undercarriage - maybe I can duplicate at least one of the

Thanks again!  And further suggestions are welcome.


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