Foul Weather Mystery

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Tue Nov 19 13:30:09 EST 2002

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 We saw something on a customer's Volvo 240 once, it may be happening on your
car. Before running your wet-test, have a look at your crank pulley. There is
a ring around the face of it @ 11mm in from the O/D. Index the face of the
pulley on either side of the ring. Put a big load on the belts, full lights,
rear defro., bun warmers, A/C
ect. Wet things down, see if this noise/ vibration presents it self. If it
does, recheck your marks on the crank pulley. There is rubber between the two
sides of the pulley
and it could be slipping on this rubber. An other cool way to check this
would be to hookup a timing light and see if the two sides spin at two
different Rpm's
  Sorry if I came off as an ass on my last note.
   Das Boob

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