Two questions (one about cv's, one about bose)

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Tue Nov 19 20:13:24 EST 2002

So, in the order listed above, anybody have any suggestions for the
following situations?

WRT to the CV's, getting that clunking noise thats usually associated with
the CV joint going out after a boot tears.  However in this situation, the
CV boot has not torn, split, or broken in any way.  Is it possible for the
CV joint to go bad even when immersed in grease and appropriately sealed?  I
only hear the noise when turning in either direction, at full lock,
obviously at a slow speed.

Now for Bose.  As of late, I've noticed that elves have been sneaking into
my house and hiding my stuff (aka I can't find stuff).  The only reason I
bring this up, is I think those same elves snuck into my car last night and
turned my drivers side, front bose speaker into a component of the
"emergency broadcast system (ebs)!"  As of this morning, when i turn the
stereo on, the speaker in question blasts this ear peircing tone at about
the same frequency as the ebs. And the volume of this tone is in no way
related to the volume knob on the head unit.  All of the other speakers work
fine, just can't listen to anything as the ebs is liable to make me deaf in
one ear.  I've had the typical cracking and dyeing of that speaker, so my
guess is this new sound, if not attributable to the elves, is related to
those good ol capacitors we've heard so much about?

Any input would be appreciated, especially as I'm now technically without a
stereo.  May just unplug that speaker for the meantime.

Oh, woe is me.

Derek P

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