More Bose woes

Don Lillig quattro at
Wed Nov 20 12:25:55 EST 2002

20V Audiophiles,

Before taking my car in for the recall everything sounded
great. Now after a couple of weeks it sounds like all of my
speakers have tears in them. Especially noticeable with heavy
bass on cds. I plugged in a spare rear rebuilt speaker my
mechanic had and it did the same thing.
Now by coincidence I suspect the Sony head unit I installed in
97. I also suspect the SoundGate adaptor. I'm sorry I did the
recall--prob the safe thing to do--I was hoping everything
would be better after getting the car back. Crutchfield tells
me they don't offer the SoundGate adaptor anymore and suggest
replacing the speakers. Time to start switching things around
to see what's up. Any btdt would be appreciated. I miss the

Don Lillig
Kansas City
91 200tq20v
89 200t
72 911T

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