CV's Worn?

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Wed Nov 20 10:35:05 EST 2002

Tie-rod ends are new as of about 30k miles ago.  Been hearing a clunk from
that side for while, and just attrbiuted it to strut bearings.  So there is
a clunk that happens when the wheel is turned while the car is stationary
(I'm not too concerned with this one), and another series of clunks that
occur when the car is moving with the wheels at full lock, again in either

If this is the CV joints, I'd be suprised as well.  I've never replaced one,
just boots, and like I said the boot is not even opened to the environment
at this point.

Derek P

>I've had CV's (w/over 100K) tear their boots, then before they're making
>noise I've replaced the boots/repacked w/grease, and have them soldier on
>for thousands more quiet miles.  In fact, I don't _ever_ recall replacing a
>CV after several hundred thousands of Audi miles.  However, tie rod ends
>often wear out and make a "full lock clunk", but no noise when spinning the
>wheels when the cars suspended.  If they're bad, don't pay more than $30
>each from *AutoZone*; dealers want $93 here.

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