SPECIAL Tools for Front Shocks Needed...

Shayne thequattroking at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 20 20:56:42 EST 2002

On 11/20/2002 19:22, a magic fairy told Bryan Foster at bfoster at bu.edu to

What special tools??  I have done the fronts on type 44 cars about a dozen
times.  I use nothing more then a basic pipe wrench and a good bench vise
hold the strut in place.  If you are doing it on the car, a pipe wrench will
also work.

> Listers,
> I am looking to change out my old Boge shocks for a new set over the
> Thanksgiving holiday.  Does anyone have the special tools needed to make
> this job easier and allow me to eat more leftovers instead of cursing at
> the car all weekend?  I would be willing to pay a rental fee and/or
> deposit.  I am in Boston so if anyone local has these tools than I could
> pick them up or grab them at dyno day.
> Please contact me off list.   bfoster at bu.edu

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