Heater Core from Blau

George Sidman sidman at montereynet.net
Wed Nov 20 23:01:59 EST 2002

After 11 years the heater core in my '91 200 started leaking. I got a
new one from Blau and went through the whole replacement drill. Three
months later it sprang a leak so I got to deal with antifreeze soaked
carpets, etc. Blau sent a new core - there goes about five more hours
- and today it also blew up, so now I get to clean the carpets one
more time. No way in hell am I getting another heater core from Jim
Blau, and there is a damn good chance I will never buy any thing again
from him. He obviously has a bad batch of heater cores, so beware.
Also, if he gets his radiator cores from the same chinese sweat shop,
they too are probably bad.
George Sidman, President
Monterey Network Center
sidman at montereynet.net
831. 657. 1500

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