CV's Worn?

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Thu Nov 21 07:13:20 EST 2002

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> I had a CV joint totally shear the inner cage in my 1987 GTI 16v without
> having a tear in the CV boot. As I recall, there was no warning in the
> of clicks or clunks. The grease was still fine as well. Possibly there was
> some event prior to my acquisition of the car where the joint lost grease
> and experienced excessive wear, but that was many thousands of miles prior
> to the CV joint failure. At the time the car had 240,000 miles, so I guess
> some items do not last forever.
> BTW, when a CV joint totally lets go like mine did, the car just stops
> moving as the failed driveshaft spins without resistance.
> Eric

That happened on my 200 last winter - 5 below, I back up, turn the wheel a
little, go forward and KaBoom - bearings all over the snow in the parking
lot. It's about $100 cheaper to buy a whole new half shaft  with CV
installed vs buying just a CV.

mike miller

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