No Start Problem...Update

Steven Sprague ssprague at
Thu Nov 21 08:16:58 EST 2002

OK, more info...

    Parking manager parked my car, good thing, says the fan was on for
about 20 minutes which to him seemed odd...Then around 5:30-6pm, they
tried to move my car but it didn't start so the push started it.  So I
checked the fan "fuse block", which was fine.  Rechecked connections,
still nothing.  It's like someone turned the car "off".

    I'll be calling 2Bennett in a few minutes...



Just in case, here's my original post:


    First problem with the new 200q20v, just a wonderful day! (Heavy
the sarcasm!!)  Tonight go out to the car, the parking attendant
they had to push the car because it won't start.  I know when I left
car, it ran and the radio was off.  So nothing on to drain the
I call AAA for a jump, they come and nothing.  I can't take it
because the driver's window is down.
    Anyone know of what should I look for?  I don't know how old the
battery is, I can contact the PO.  I've looked and tugged on the
electrical cables and all is snug. Yeah, might not be it...I have
had NO
warnings from the car.  It starts fine, we have 40+ degrees F
and it has consistantly started fine.  No dim lights.  I assume the
gods picked me this time...I'm going to call 2Bennett in the morning
see if they have an opening for it.

    I'm here at work for the next 30 minutes while my fiance picks
up.  Any insight from the collective will be appreciated.

Just a "wonderful" day...


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