S4/S6 Eibach springs on a 200?

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Thu Nov 21 16:49:53 EST 2002

Maybe my question was not very clear. I realize that the Eibachs will lower the
car to some degree. How much, and does that amount require the use of the
Bilstein Sports instead of the HD? The reason for my questioning of this amount
relates to the fact that the V8 H&R springs, which are on a number of 200s, do
not lower the car enough to require the use of the Sports over the HDs. I'm
just try to make sure that I have all the correct information before I start
buying stuff. But based on your sig, you are running the Eibachs w/ the Sports.
How does the handling on that car compare to the handling on the other car with
stock springs and HDs?

Thanks for all the feedback,
Dave Priebe

> Dave:
> This thread comes up occasionally.
> HDs are optimized for factory springs (longer body)
> Sports have the same valving but are shorter for lowering springs.
> The Bilstein techs explained the following to me:
> When using HDs with lowered springs you are effectively using too long a shock
> and the piston placement is not optimal ( you have affected the normal piston
> travel) , potentially damaging the piston and or seals...same thing when using
> Sports with factory springs.
> call Bilstein Tech support to verify.
> My recommendation is that if you really want to use the lowering springs, buy
> the correct length strut/shock for the application and sell the HDs.
> -Peter
> Peter Schulz
> 1990 CQ
> 1991 200 20v TQW indigo mica (stock springs, bilstein HDs)
> 1991 200 20v TQW titanium grey  (Eibachs, bilstein sports)
> Chelmsford, MA USA
> peschulz at cisco.com
>  At 11:32 PM 11/20/2002 -0800, you wrote:
> >I am curious if the Eibach springs for the S4/S6 will work well on a 200
> >avant with Bilstein HDs. On my wife's S6 we currently have the Eibach
> >springs. She doesn't like the ride, mainly because it is too low. So I have
> >been thinking about trying to get a set of used 92 S4 springs and swap them
> >for the Eibachs. And for the 200, which currently has stock springs and
> >Bilstein HDs, I have been considering putting the H&R V8 springs on. But I
> >just ran a google search of audifans to see if anyone has used the S4
> >Eibachs on the 200 and came up with a few hits. But based on the posts, it
> >is unclear if anyone has run these springs on the 200 with the Bilstein HDs.
> >So, is anyone currently running this setup? The Eibachs lowers the S6
> >considerably,  and I know the S6 weighs more than the 200, so are the
> >Bilstein HDs too long?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Dave Priebe
> >Kenmore, WA
> >91 200tqa 162k his
> >95.5 S6 102k hers
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