Shock Removal Tool Available

Dale McCormack Dale at
Thu Nov 21 12:15:03 EST 2002

The tool to remove (unscrew) the front shock absorber/dampener from the
strut tower (above) in the Type 44 is a Dealer part I purchased several
years ago.   The tool itself is a VERY deep-set (8"+) socket with one
custom end which fits into the shock and the other extending upward and
requiring a 1/2" drive (breaker bar, NOT rachet suggested). It makes
total front shock replacement an easy 30 minute job (including time for
a beer or two).  If you're installing Bilstein replacements you may need
the LARGE adjustable wrench to tighten them via wheel well access.

I live in the Chicagoland area and you can use it for five bucks plus
round trip postage.  Weight is probably a couple of pounds of black steel.

If  you have relatives over for the holiday that you don't like,
disassemble the shocks the old fashioned way instead.  Otherwise, you
can get back inside quickly and watch the Lions lose.


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