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Patrick Anderson ptanders at
Thu Nov 21 14:43:33 EST 2002

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OK gang. Here is the deal. I have contacted several people and Audi outfits=
. Forge UK basically told me that they wouldn't do a GP to the US because t=
he last time they did all the US vendors got REALLY mad. So I talked to For=
ge USA. I got prices from them as well as a couple other places. All places=
 say it will take 2-3 months to get the hoses made and ready to ship.

So, after all the calls/emails/headache the best deal will be $168 for a se=
t of hoses INCLUDING really nice heavy duty hose clamps( I think the clamps=
 would normally go for about $20). S+H  will have to be added but I don't k=
now how much this is yet as I don't know addresses and shipping weight/dime=

Now, to move forward with this I need to everyone interested to to a couple=

1) Send me an email indicating that you want in on this GP. I need to know =
how many people are definitely in(read I want in and not gonna back out). S=
o far I have received interest from 8 other people(one guy for 2 sets) plus=
 me makes 10. We have to have at least 10 to get this price. If we had way =
more than 10 people I wouldn't be asking for such a firm commitment right n=
ow but since we are on the edge we gotta know. I am hoping a few more peopl=
e will want in now that we have some concrete numbers to work with.

2) Give me your shipping address. I might me able to figure out shipping ch=
arges. Though I may not be able to get these figures until the hoses are al=
l boxed up and ready to ship. I plan to have the hoses shipped UPS ground t=
o minimize the cost. So unfortunately we do have a little uncertainty about=
 the total cost.

3) What would your color preference be? I think our choices would be black,=
 red, or blue. Also, I am not sure if we will all be able to pick the color=
 of hose that we want. Because it is a GP we may have to get one color for =
the entire production run.

BTW, it would be a good idea to reply just to me (not the whole list) so we=
 don't clog up everyone's inbox.

Patrick Anderson.

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