Available: 16x7 BBS RS 3-piece wheels

Archibald, Jon JArchibald at whpacific.com
Fri Nov 22 09:33:49 EST 2002

I've decided to sell these and just clean up my 8" R8's. This is a classic
wheel, often seen on circa '80's 930's and such. The outer part of the rim
can be swapped out to widen the wheel and add more lip. The bolt pattern is
5x112, but with smaller-than-audi bolt holes, so they would need to be
drilled out or a stud kit used to fit an audi. You would also need to come
up with hub-centric rings. Neither of these should be a big hassle. Price is
$650+$100 S&H. This is how much I spent on them, and the 3-hour cleaning I
gave them is yours for free :-) I can arrange delivery (and would prefer to)
to folks within 200 miles of Portland, OR.

Pics here:



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