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Joshua C smuckycat at
Fri Nov 22 13:13:56 EST 2002

I had a no start problem too once.  Mine turned out to be the hall sender,
the shop unfortunatly finally solved this by replaceing a ton of other
expensive parts first (claimed he was an Audi "expert") After getting on the
list and looking at SJM's website I could have diagnosed this myself.  Check
out his site.  When my hall sender went I got intermitent
starting...sometimes first crank, sometimes 2 hrs later.  My problem seemed
to be when the car was warm, so judging on your symptoms this may not be
your problem but just keep it in mind.

Joshua Cummings
Falmouth MA
91 200 Avant
73 Alfa Romeo the scout for sale?  My brother is looking for one.

>Message: 14
>From: "Jeremiah Curry" <curryjer at>
>To: "200 20v List" <200q20v at>
>Subject: no start
>Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 23:44:58 -0700
>Hi all,
>This morning the 200 didn't start.  More accurately it started for about 2
>seconds then died.  It won't start again.  the engine turns over, but no
>start.  I was thinking maybe fuel pump.  I checked the #13 fuse and that
>fine.  What is the easiest way to narrow down the problem?  I can't here
>pump and thought I could before, but I'm not sure.
>Thanks in advance for any help
>'91 Audi 200 20v (won"t start)
>'73 International Scout (won't stop)

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