Parts from '91 Audi 200 Avant

Freed, David (Exchange) dfreed at
Fri Nov 22 14:02:02 EST 2002

I have been very busy over the last two months and
have been unable to find the time to strip my wrecked
'91 200 Avant.  So I've had the car sent out to be
stripped for me.  I apologize for the delay in
shipping out the requested parts.  I will be
attempting to contact people who asked for parts to
see if you are still interested. Please contact me if
you need anything but older requests get first chance.
 Those who asked for things are encouraged to contact
me again.

There is a complete Turbo 20V Motor with wiring
harness, chipped computer, Intercooler, mounts and
everything needed to upgrade a Coupe or 90 with about
275 HP.  The motor had 115,000 miles, a recent timing
belt and pump.  It ran very strong and smooth and
still ran good after the accident.  Also have good
brakes, A/C compressor, grey interior, and passenger
side body panels.  This is all moving out within the
next week so write me off line as I haven't been part
of the e-mail list for the past 3 months.  Maybe
getting rid of these parts will help me find the time
to reconnect with everyone again.

Contact me at AudiQuattroFan at as my business
e-mail is too busy to reply.

Dave Freed
Rutherford, NJ
'91 Audi 200 Avant (soon completely gone)
'93 Audi S4 (in need of a new front bumper/airdam)
'90 Audi Coupe (new & running better each week)
201-939-9468 (Home)
201-396-2345 (Cell)

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