Bose front spkr squawk...

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Fri Nov 22 14:31:55 EST 2002

When I redid the driver door wiring harness last month, the speaker wires
were outside the stuff that was wrapped up together.  They didn't have any
sign of the insulation breakdown that at least half the other wires had.

At 01:40 PM 11/22/2002 -0500, Phil Rose wrote:
>I suppose it was inevitable--we get the rear speaker recall done, and
>soon we suddenly have ear-splitting squawking from one of the front
>speaker amps (left side), which evidently feels we haven't been
>paying it enough attention.
>I guess I'll have to  look up Brett's posted capacitor "fix". But
>(considering it's the driver's door) I wonder about the possibility
>that the speaker problem is caused by some wire-damage in the
>door-hinge area. There's no reason that the speaker wires would be
>immune from that problem, is there? Anyone actually trace front
>speaker problems to that (damaged wiring) issue?
>I need to check if the squawking is affected by the door position--if
>not then probably the usual amp failure.
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