Intake Gunk Build-up

Kevin McCalla xamped at
Fri Nov 22 12:00:32 EST 2002

Intake Gunk Build-up:
I just pulled my intake manifold to find that there is
a good amount of gunk (oil based sludge) buildup on
the topside of the valves, and in the intake runners
that lead to them.  This build-up does not entirely
coat the ports in the head, but on the sidewalls it
reaches a good 1/16" thick.  It is easily removed,
however I am more worried about the gunk on the
topside of the valves, not to mention how it got there
in the first place.  What measures should I take to
remove it if any?  The car has 160k miles but does not
smoke at all, so I'm not sure where it could be coming
from. -Thanks,

I'm in the process of replacing:
Crankcase ventilation hose - rotten to mush
Timing Belt & Tensioner - cracks everywhere
Water Pump
Valve cover gasket
Coolant manifold gasket
Misc Coolant hoses
Hyd. Pump
knock sensors
Cap & Rotor
and more...

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