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Fri Nov 22 15:17:41 EST 2002

Speaking of "no start" problems. I (and others) have posted about the
common "hot re-start" problem, which most people agree is caused by
some internal leakdown which allows the the fuel lines to
depressurize--usually involving the fuel-pump check valve.  I still
have a question--pertaining to our car-- that may (or not) be
relevant to understanding the cause of this problem.

Question: Why is it that when the first attempt at hot restart fails,
the car invariably starts quickly on the 2nd attempt--no matter how
long (or short!!!) the initial cranking period was? In other words,
if we crank the engine and there's no rapid startup (say within 2 or
3 seconds), then it's likely that we'd have to keep cranking for
10-15 seconds before the engine fires. However if we stop the first
try after a just few seconds, the 2nd try will catch very quickly.
Or so it seems.


At 1:13 PM -0500 11/22/02, Joshua C wrote:
>I had a no start problem too once.  Mine turned out to be the hall sender,
>the shop unfortunatly finally solved this by replaceing a ton of other
>expensive parts first (claimed he was an Audi "expert") After getting on the
>list and looking at SJM's website I could have diagnosed this myself.  Check
>out his site.  When my hall sender went I got intermitent
>starting...sometimes first crank, sometimes 2 hrs later.  My problem seemed
>to be when the car was warm, so judging on your symptoms this may not be
>your problem but just keep it in mind.
>Joshua Cummings
>Falmouth MA
>91 200 Avant
>73 Alfa Romeo
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>>Subject: no start
>>Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 23:44:58 -0700
>>Hi all,
>>This morning the 200 didn't start.  More accurately it started for about 2
>>seconds then died.  It won't start again.  the engine turns over, but no
>>start.  I was thinking maybe fuel pump.  I checked the #13 fuse and that
>>fine.  What is the easiest way to narrow down the problem?  I can't here
>>pump and thought I could before, but I'm not sure.
>>Thanks in advance for any help
>>'91 Audi 200 20v (won"t start)
>>'73 International Scout (won't stop)
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