Bose front spkr squawk...

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At 10:20 PM -0800 11/22/02, Derek Pulvino wrote:
>What the?  Wonder if anybody saw my paost on this a couple of days ago.
>Before then, this was the first time I'd heard of or experienced this
> there's a rash of it going around?  My very annoying squawk
>only lasted a day.  Now the problem is gone, and I only get a not very loud
>fuzz out of the speaker.  Tolerable.

My wife first mentioned the problem to me this past Thursday. I asked
her if the noise came from the front or rear speakers. She said, "I
think it was the rear." So, that evening I took her car on a
"test-drive" errand. Within a few seconds I was almost jolted out of
my seat by the loudest imaginable (ear-pain level) squawking from
below my left knee. How could she mistake the source? Well, she has a
severe hearing loss, and this was a lesson for me as to just how bad
her impairment is (and my impairment for not appreciating her

>Maybe all of these cars where around the same manufacture date?

Yeh. 1990-91, right? ;-) Brett gives the published lifetime estimates
(MTBF?) for each of the caps he used in the repair. Most are in the
range of 1000 hrs at 105 F. That's not really very long--and temps
can easily go well above that almost anywhere in the country/world.
Even a 5000 hr lifetime is "eaten up" at 2 hrs/day x 5 days/wk x 50
wks/yr x 10 yrs. However it's interesting that our car with the bad
speaker is the red one, with only 60K miles. I guess the PO must've
spent a lot of time sitting in the garage listing to the radio (or he
drove verrry slowly). :-(

>If enough people are thinking about buying caps for the rebuild, maybe we
>could do it in bulk, or are caps already cheap enough

According to Brett
( they are under
$10--total cost.
I guess I also oughta do the door lock mechanism, while I'm in there. :(

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