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At 10:00 AM -0500 11/24/02, <jtm305 at bellsouth.net> wrote:
>Just had another issue with the 200.  The driver lock cylinder quit
>working.  the key will turn freely but does not engage anything.
>Any suggestions on a fix or is this a replacement issue.  Trying to
>avoid a rekey of the whole car.

>>Common occurance at 10+ yrs. The linkage invoves a pot-metal geared
>>lever-arm, which breaks. There is an inexpensive repair kit (under
>>$20, IIRC) that replaces the broken mechanism with a redesigned
>>(steel) part.

Oh, I forgot to mention that your local Audi dealer will look at you
blankly when you ask for this. He'll then roll his eyes when you say
it's for a '91 200 (the common reaction when mentioning any pre-1992
model). I don't know if there's a part number for the  whole "kit".
If you don't want to put up with the usual crap and delay from the
Audi dealer, these are very common parts that most reputable Audi
repair shops will have in stock.

According to Steve Buchholtz the part nummers (driver's side!!!!!) are:
893837287D  Carrier
893837061B  Lock Cyl
N 0124111   Lockring


P.S. Get at least a couple of those little 50-cent lockrings, since
they bend, lose their temper, and may run away and hide.


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