Lock cylinders

jim catterson termite at rocketmail.com
Sun Nov 24 10:22:16 EST 2002

> According to Steve Buchholtz the part nummers (driver's side!!!!!)
> are:
> 893837287D  Carrier
> 893837061B  Lock Cyl
> N 0124111   Lockring
> P.S. Get at least a couple of those little 50-cent lockrings, since
> they bend, lose their temper, and may run away and hide.

might as well get that plastic 'thing' [audi technical term] that keeps
the actuating rod in the crank at the back of the cylinder.  when i
opened up my door,  that was the only thing wrong,  not the lock that i
suspected was the problem.  put a new one in and cinched it w/ a zip
tie...again,  all easier to do w/ the window frame out of the door!

jim catterson

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