Bose front spkr squawk...

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Nov 25 17:06:53 EST 2002

>I suppose it was inevitable--we get the rear speaker recall done, and
>soon we suddenly have ear-splitting squawking from one of the front
>speaker amps (left side), which evidently feels we haven't been
>paying it enough attention.
>I guess I'll have to  look up Brett's posted capacitor "fix"

Disclaimer- I had debated whether to do this, and I'm doing somewhat
against my better judgement(I am rather strict about commercial
content on-list), but here goes.  If it's any comfort, I'll make sure
the below endeavor would benefit Audifans;  the instructions for
repair have also been in the public domain for almost a year now.

If anyone wants their front speaker units repaired, I'd be happy to
do so.  Cost of components is about $5 per board and materials are
negligible; shipping should be pretty darn cheap given how small the
boards are(they are easily removed, btw.)  I think I shipped
something similar in size+weight using Fedex Ground once from MA->NY
and it cost around $4.

If you're interested, email me privately and suggest what you feel is
fair for my time(probably takes an hour all told, but I haven't timed
myself.)  I'll use the responses to determine what to ask for, and
I'll make sure some of the proceeds go to Dan for the list.  New
boards from various "bose repair" shops run about $100, I believe;
Bose does a "no guarantees" service for somewhere around $50 I think,
though turnaround time is very long(2-3 weeks at least I think.)  If
anyone knows of any other options, feel free to mention 'em now(fair
is fair...)

Can't make any specific promises on turnaround time(I can probably
beat Bose's though :), and I don't have any real way to test the
modules(might be able to set up a test rig; I've got a spare rear
speaker unit or two I can screw around with that are now worthless
due to the recall); condition of the board can be a serious factor in
the success of the repair(mostly, the electrolytic fluid causes
corrosion(or electrolysis) on the solder; corroded solder doesn't
melt like normal solder.  Doesn't melt at all, in fact...)

   I've done all four speakers in my car(hence it hasn't gone in for
the recall yet), and all four have been working for almost a year now
without a problem.  Given the cost of components being so low(and the
success I've had with my own boards), if one that I've repaired ever
goes south and you're willing to pay shipping again, I'll fix it for

I'm in the middle of writing up a little web page to go over all
this, but if anyone is interested immediately, email me privately.

I won't mention this on-list again; if you want more information,
it'll probably be linked off my homepage.

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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