Heater Airflow and Seat Heater Problems

Steven Hauptmann hauptmanns at MAIL.LLR.STATE.SC.US
Tue Nov 26 16:50:43 EST 2002


I had an airflow blockage a couple of years ago as well.

My symptoms were slightly different in that the airflow was fine in econ
settings (only if the compressor had not previously been on for a while) or
for short trips in defrost or auto (it was summertime). But if you got out
on the highway for 30-40 minutes or more with the compressor on, the flow
would become restricted.

Seems that the evaporator was freezing up and restricting airflow due to a
faulty compressor cut out switch located on top of the evaporator box. This
switch will cycle the compressor off/on based on the temperature of the

This happened in the summer and I theorize that the ambient/under hood temps
during short around town trips was enough to keep the   air path clear of
freezing condensate, not so out on the open road.

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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Having just returned to Colorado after 5 years in Phoenix I suspect a
problem with my heater controls.  The DEFROST setting seems to work
barely sufficiently, though I suspect not as strong airflow as it
should, I don't get much out the side window defrost outlets. Both the
ECON and BI-LEVEL settings give identically poor airflow at the
defroster and footwell outlets and barely noticeable airflow at the side
dash vents. The AUTO setting while calling for heat also gives the same
result.  The AUTO setting when calling for A/C works fine giving most of
it's airflow out the center dash vent.  I recall that I used to get
pretty strong airflow at the side dash vents with the ECON setting and
calling for heat.  It seems as though there is a blockage of some sort
restricting airflow when calling for heat.

I had the blower and heater core replaced about 18-24 months ago.  None
of these problems coincided with those repairs as far as I know. One
other perhaps useful tidbit, the part of the climate control that
controls fan speed hasn't worked right for years. I just use the HI and
LOW buttons to control comfort.  One other recent development, when in
A/C mode an air control flap will close off the flow to the center dash
vent for a minute or two whenever it feels like it

Also, my seat heater just stopped working.  For a long time it
functioned fully "on" regardless of what the control was set to.  And I
could hear a "clicking" sound occasionally after awhile but not always.
Sounded like a relay clicking.  Do you think the fix is as simple as a
relay if there is one?

I suspect I don't have exclusive rights to these symptoms and hope that
someone can help me cut to the chase, thanks in advance for any advice.

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