1991 200tq20v and Alldata technical service bulletins

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At 4:41 PM -0600 11/26/02, Gordy_Schesel at allianzlife.com wrote:
>To fellow listers with 200tq20v cars:
>The list of technical service bulletins for the 200q20v is very lengthy.
>Several problems I am currently dealing with are listed there.
>== engine oil seals-leakage after replacement

If they've been done and are still leaking I assume the shop wasn't a
local one.

>== bushing replacement

pretty straightforward job for any competent audi tech. What's the
mileage on your vehicle?

>== strut replacement

Pretty trivial to do--some (not I) claim less than 30 minutes needed
for each front shock

>== poor mileage

like...what? Lots of possibilities here: air filter is an obvious
one. Do you have the proper Bosch F5DPOR sparkplugs installed? This
engine is Verrry picky about the right plugs.

What maximum turbo boost can you see? Everyone usually complains
about that at one time or another. The official specification for
maximum boost is 1.8 bar, and you should be able to see at least 1.7
bar on that trip-computer gauge. Actually the official test is:
cruise in 4th gear at 2000 rpm/full throttle quickly applied/maximum
boost noted at 3000 RPM.

Low (max) boost value can be caused by many things--quite often just
loose clamps on rubber hoses that allow intake-tract air leakage.
Sometimes it's caused by torn hoses. Faulty wastegate frequency valve
is another common problem.

>Have any of you purchased a subscription to Alldata to utilize the service
>info?  Or is this all pretty much common knowledge now that our 1991
>200q20v is 12 years old?

I'm sure some ( although I think not many) have subscribed to the
Allldata service, but the vast majority _have_ purchased the 3-volume
Bentley shop manuals for this car. I can't speak to the utility of
the Alldata info, but the Bentley manuals, IMHO, are a
must-have--both for understanding the car and to help you do any
maintenance or repairs yourself..

Loads of "common knowledge" here and the main list.
Scott Mockry's website is a great resource: http://www.SJMAutoTechnik.COM
and also Chris Miller's site is well-loved and devoted to '91 200q
folklore and remedies: http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/index.html

>I just acquired my 200 last month and am wondering how to best deal with
>the currently existing maintenance needs.  It has the above problems and is
>bucking on deceleration in spite of a just replace O2 sensor. ???

Bucking on DEceleration? I haven't heard of that as a typical O2
sensor symptom(?) Most common O2 sensor symptom that I know of is a
surging at steady throttle. Stalling after rapid braking
(deceleration) is often the symptom of a leaky turbo bypass valve
(throttle overrun valve), or leakage in the rubber vac hose connected
to the TBV. The  stock TBV almost invariably needs replacement (about
$40) within 75K-100K miles.

>   It
>appears the PO let a few things slide.  My service provider list includes
>Carousel Audi here in Minneapolis who has been maintaining my 100 quattro.

It's nice to have a local dealer you feel confident in. However most
authorized Audi dealers seem to specialize in NOT carrying common
parts, replacing parts unnecessarily and at 50-100% more cost than
available elsewhere, etc, etc.

>I also have heard of Anderson Motorsport, but I just want to get the 200
>healthy again, not soup it up.

These are good guys, AFAIK, and they probably encounter and service
ten 1991 200q vehicles for every one that your local dealer works on.

>   Should I start with a "tune-up" done by a
>professional Audi certified mechanic?

Certainly only work with someone who can (and will) first determine
what trouble codes, if any, have been stored by the ECU.

>  Jim Benoit, who writes periodically
>for the Audi Car Club, is an Audi certified mechanic with Carousel.  I'm
>hoping I can make him a trusted friend and get his professional advice on
>how to keep my maintenance costs somewhat lower, rather  than just telling
>the shop to  fix it and I will just suffer the cost.

Dealers are dealers (I'm quite prejudiced, I fear) although your Audi
service Dept should certainly be better than the local Volvo
specialist. If you've been happy with Carousel then why not continue
with 'em? Having a particular individual you know (and trust) there
would be a benefit, but you'll still be paying through the nose for
parts (and hourly rates). I'd personally give Andersen Motorsport a
try, although my only contact with them has been limited to a track
event and to having them do my ECU chip upgrade a few yrs ago. As I
said, they've got a good reputation and probably would have more
experience with the 20V turbo system than most Audi dealers.

There should be a number of Twin Cities area people on this list and
the main list who can give you better input on the local situation.
Welcome, good luck and let us know how you do.


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