1991 200tq20v and Alldata technical service bulletins

Gordy_Schesel at allianzlife.com Gordy_Schesel at allianzlife.com
Wed Nov 27 14:10:36 EST 2002

Thanks to Jim C, Phil R, Peter B, and RGuzz who replied to my posting of
yesterday.  Advice from the mail list is much appreciated.   I have been
one of this mail list for some time but had not posted or replied to any as
yet (perhaps because I was not a 200 20v owner until recently).

I had become aware of both the SJMAutoTechnik and Chris Miller websites
earlier and found a wealth of information that I plan to put to good use.

My 200 was acquired from a private party (2nd owner) in Seattle with 97k
miles.  Original owner was in Milwaukee area until 1995.  And I have
maintenance records beginning with 1995 when it had 47k.  They show rear
brakes replaced at 57k, front crankseal and timing belt at 71k, front crank
seal again at 72k (International Autos-Milwaukee), front pads and rotors
and distributor at 86k.  All this was dealer service, at dealer rates;
however, not what we would expect in terms of quality.  I found some
instances of rework, such as the crankseal.  Last week I had Carousel Audi
here do a vehicle inspection; they again found the crankshaft seal leaking.
What is it with that front crankshaft seal anyway?

The records show no replacement of most of the sensors, nor TBV, nor plugs
and  wires, nor vacuum hoses and breather hoses.  I'm also OK with doing
shocks and bushings myself.  I already have the Bentleys because of my 5
years with my '91 100 q.  So that is where I plan to start.  I can do those
items myself.  Then I will use Anderson Motorsport to help out beyond that,
like with oil seal leak.  Like you guys, I too, felt that Kieth Anderson
would have more experience with the 200 20v tq than the local dealer.
Again thanks to Pete in Eagan MN for the favorable Anderson mention.

In regard to the Alldata TSBs, I will report back if and when I subscribe
and see if they have any value to owners.  Subscription cost is $25 in year
one, $15 to renew.

91 200 tqa 100k (nursing back to healthy)
91 100 q 188k (still like new)

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