Starter Doesn't

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Fri Nov 29 14:20:04 EST 2002

Drove the 200q20v to several errands and the ski hill today.  Started right
up for each trip.  No strange noises or anything.  Anyway, when I prepared
to leave the ski hill,  there was no starter response to the key.

There's sufficient power in the battery to run lights, blower motor,
etc.  Nothing was left on while I skied.

No starter solenoid noises.

I just hear a slight sound  similar to a switch when I turn the key to the
starter-engagement position.

No prior symptoms of  ignition switch not working,  never previously failed
to hear the starter at least begin to kick in (before battery replacement a
couple years ago, there was an "incident" of low power when starter kicked
over but not enough to start the engine).

Starter was new three years ago.

I pulled the starter lockout relay in the tray under the hood, and the
contacts looked clean.

I didn't have the tools needed to remove the knee panel under the dash to
check for starter-related relays there.  Are there any?

What else would interfere with the power supply between the ignition key
and the starter?

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