Bump Starting

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Don't know how things turned out, but I wouldn't hesitate with the bump
starting, especially considering the dual cats and Motronic (maybe I'm just
crazy ;-) .  So nothing changed when you attempted a jump start?  Curious.
These cars are tough on batteries and even one that's slightly discharged or
has a bad cell can "appear" to be good.

Keep us appraised.


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> I was thinking of bumpstarting my 200q20v with the nonresponsive starter
> get it home to work on, but the Bentley warns against doing that.  Says
> it's not good for the catalytic converter and "might damage other
> parts".  I could see how a bunch of raw gas going into the cat wouldn't be
> good for it, but my car was running great before I parked it, so I'd think
> it would fire right up with just a couple turnovers via the gear
> train.  What else might get damaged?  I'm thinking of towing at just a
> couple miles an hour and letting the clutch out in fourth gear.
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