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my experiecmce so far with Mobil 1 has been good.
Current 200 was converted @ 120k with a blend (dino/syn) for a couple of
Then went to straight M1, have 145k now, and now problems with seals, etc.
Probably have less oil consumption between changes than before, almost not
enough to tell a difference really.
Do not know for sure what oil the po used, but an assuming was not
That's my experience anyway, others may have different experiences.
Am using 10w30 for now, but it doesn't get that hot or cold here in the Pac
Gary Anderson in Sammamish WA
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> Hi all,
> So I have decide to start changing my own oil.  But first a few questions:
> I would like to convert to synthetic. From ran day one to 124,000 miles.
It has 150,000 now. See any problems making the change. Is their a cold
synthetic oil?
> Next, if I do not do this what do you all use from winter time running?
> And what about oil filters for standard oil and synthetic. Should I change
the oil plug? How long before the next oil change with synthetic ?
> And of course if you can think of anything else... much appreciated.
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