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Disclaimer: My opinions only, and experience. I'm no expert on any of these

Drain plug: Use a good SIX sided socket. You don't want to round this off,
and they can be very stuborn to get out. You may want to replace the sealing
washer, but I don't. It doesn't leak and I have no problems with reusing it,
on both my 200 and S4. I use a 3/8 ratchet to tighten it, so I don't tighten
it too much. And I end up using a 1/2 breaker or 1/2 ratchet with a short
pipe extension to take it out.

Oil filter: Definitely recommend a Mann or Mahle. I had an experience with
Fram causing low oil pressure. I guess there are different versions of Fram,
but I just use Mann now. They are not much more expensive.

Oil: Type, weight and change frequency. You'll get about as many opinions as
there are people on this list. Go with what your owners manual recommends,
and I'm sure you will be okay. I ran a SAAB 9000 turbo for 14 years and
240,000 miles using non-synthethic 10W30 year around, with no engine or
turbo related problems. I now run 10W30 in both the S4 and 200, and change
it every 5000 miles, and filter every second oil change. Non-synthetic in
the 200, synthetic in the S4. Why the difference?? I can't answer that,
except that the 200 when I bought it at 90k mi., probably never used syn.,
so I didn't switch. My opinion again, unless you race or run your engine
really hard, synthetic is probably overkill...Flame suit on.

94 UrS4 155k miles
91 200 TQA 115k miles

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Hi all,

So I have decide to start changing my own oil.  But first a few questions:

I would like to convert to synthetic. From ran day one to 124,000 miles. It
has 150,000 now. See any problems making the change. Is their a cold
synthetic oil?

Next, if I do not do this what do you all use from winter time running?

And what about oil filters for standard oil and synthetic. Should I change
the oil plug? How long before the next oil change with synthetic ?

And of course if you can think of anything else... much appreciated.

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