[s-cars] Purchase '91 200 20V?

Keith Maddock Keith.Maddock at trw.com
Tue Oct 1 10:33:38 EDT 2002


Having previously owned a 91 200q20v, and now owning a 93 S4, I offer the following opinions / comments in addition to the good ones already mentioned by other listers:

(Flame suit on!!)

-  About 1500 200q20v's were sold in 91, compared to about 3000 92-96 S-cars, so parts shouldn't be a problem.

- The 200q is more of a Q ship, but the S-cars have more modern lines and look more sporty.  I'm honestly torn which one I prefer from a styling standpoint.

- The 200q is a good 200 lbs lighter than a S-car, I can feel the difference between the two.  Definate 200q advantage here.

. The S-cars do have a stiffer body though, but to ME, my 200q felt "tighter" than my S4.   I think, though, my 200q had a good life, where my S4 had a rough life before I bought them...

-  S-cars have more modern looking seat and HVAC controls.  The ones in the 200 looked like they were from a 85 DeVille, but worked fine.

-  The 200q sport seats are just as good as the S4's normal seats.  (Avoid a 200q with the barcolounger seats).  I think the 200q sport seats may be a bit more comfortable with the same amount of support.

-  S-cars have more hp with the Stock ECU but this is mostly absorbed by the extra weight

-  Both engines can be upgraded with the ECU

- The S-cars have the electronic coil-on-plug ignition, compared to the a distriubtor ignition on the 200q

- The 200q has a stronger transmission than the early (pre 95?) S-Cars.  Early S-Car transmissions have both a 1st gear reliability problem, and a pinion bearing reliability problem.

-  I think the 200 seems to have more electrical problems/gremlines than the S-Cars (dashes, speakers, fuel pumps, etc)

- S-cars have a nicer sunroof control system (glass for 93 and up)

.  Stock, I think the 200 had far-superior brake feel to the S-Car (both my cars had G-60's).  I had to upgrade to big-reds on the S-car to get the same confidence inspiring brake-feel that the 200 had...

-  S-cars have the cool projector headlamps, 200q has dim headlamps.  I upgraded my 200q to the european headlamps and they were amazing though.  Still running stock headlamps on the S4, but it will get Euro's soon...

These things do make it a tough decision, but since you already said you like the price and body style of a 200q, sounds like that is the better choice for you, IMHO.

If I ever buy another S-Car for myself though, it will be a S6A.  (either that or I have to find a way to steal Jim K's awesome new avant.. hehe)

Keith Maddock
93 S4 (RS2-ish engine upgrades, Big Reds, Eibach/Bilstein) (Oregon)
RIP 91 200q20v (Stage 1 ECU upgrade, G60's, Koni/HR)
95 968CS (Germany)

Keith Maddock, TRW Automotive,  Koblenz, Germany
Slip Control Systems, Systems Design, Traction Control
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>>> Christopher Gharibo <cgharibo at usa.net> 04:06:27 01.10.2002 >>>
I am debating on whether if I should buy a '91 200 20V or an 92-95 S4/S6.

I like the 200s body style and price, but I am concerned about parts
availability for this rare 11 year old car. Is this a valid concern?

The S4/S6 have better parts availability but higher prices.

Is the performance for the 200 vs S4/S6 similar?

Is saving money by going for the '91 200 smart or am I really getting a much
better car by going for the S4/S6?

Thanks for your thoughts.


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