Fitting wheels over UFOs

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Tue Oct 1 10:50:19 EDT 2002

I don't understand your comment- Bob's S6 wheels are identical
cosmetically to the S4tt wheels. They're not really wide, either-
17x8 ET35.

I didn't know they made RKIIs in 16", but in 17" sizes, the RKII
is heavier than the RK, due to the 2-piece construction (neither
the center nor the rim is forged).

If you want strength and weights comparable to the OEM wheels,
you have to go to a forged wheel- SSR, Volk, some Racing Hart,
Dronell, IFG, Fikse, Kinesis, HRE, etc.

I'd get Racing Hart CP-034 (or was it -035?) for track use- 17x8
weigh 15 lbs.

Used S4tt wheels can be had for rather cheap, that's why I'm using
them for my snows.


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