[s-cars] RE: Intake Air Temp Code

Igor Kessel igor at s-cars.org
Tue Oct 1 13:02:24 EDT 2002

Tom Mullane wrote:
> Nick,
> I have the same issue with my 200 20v.  The engine light sometimes stays
> on after starting (hot or cold), and the light eventually goes out.  It
> always goes out under boost.  VAG-COM says 00523 - Intake air sensor
> (G42) Open or short to B+.  Wiring looks OK, but I haven't done any
> testing.  I will ask at Audi about reliability of the sensor, or if we
> should be looking elsewhere.  Anyone else seen this?
> Tom Mullane
> 91 200
> 99 A6
> Etc.

I did, in my '89 200TQ. This proplem is very typical. Check the
thermister near the intercooler inlet. It is the thing with a
trapezoudal flange, held by two 5mm Allen bolts. My bet is on of the two
wires that broke off the thermister.
Soldering it back won't help, coz the contact is STEEL(!) and the wire
is welded to it at the factory. I cut off the second wire, took the
thermister to my lab, spot welded two tiny (1x5mm) pieces on Ni which is
wettable by SnPb and then soldered the wires back. Worked ever since,
and cost me nothing to repair.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros

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