[s-cars] RE: Intake Air Temp Code

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Tue Oct 1 19:23:49 EDT 2002


On the 200q20v the intake air temp sensor sits on the intake manifold,
right after the throttle body. Though I didn't see the original message and
I dunno what car we're talking about, I doubt this might be a 200 10v  if
the original message comes from the s-cars list :-)



At 12:02 1/10/2002 -0400, Igor Kessel wrote:
>Tom Mullane wrote:
> >
> > Nick,
> > I have the same issue with my 200 20v.  The engine light sometimes stays
> > on after starting (hot or cold), and the light eventually goes out.  It
> > always goes out under boost.  VAG-COM says 00523 - Intake air sensor
> > (G42) Open or short to B+.  Wiring looks OK, but I haven't done any
> > testing.  I will ask at Audi about reliability of the sensor, or if we
> > should be looking elsewhere.  Anyone else seen this?
> >
> > Tom Mullane
> > 91 200
> > 99 A6
> > Etc.
>I did, in my '89 200TQ. This proplem is very typical. Check the
>thermister near the intercooler inlet. It is the thing with a
>trapezoudal flange, held by two 5mm Allen bolts. My bet is on of the two
>wires that broke off the thermister.
>Soldering it back won't help, coz the contact is STEEL(!) and the wire
>is welded to it at the factory. I cut off the second wire, took the
>thermister to my lab, spot welded two tiny (1x5mm) pieces on Ni which is
>wettable by SnPb and then soldered the wires back. Worked ever since,
>and cost me nothing to repair.
>Igor Kessel
>two turbo quattros
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