Purchase '91 200 20V?

Dan Simoes dans at audifans.com
Wed Oct 2 01:15:27 EDT 2002

Actually, the 850 is much closer in design to the S6, and yes, the cargo
design is much better than the 200.
With the turbo 5cyl engine, the Volvo should be able to keep up with the
200 or S6, mine happens to be a non-turbo though (and now for sale on
ebay by the way).

Brett Dikeman wrote:
> At 9:54 AM -0400 10/1/02, Dan Simoes wrote:
> >while a 200 wagon looks like the bastard child of an old 100 and a
> >Scirocco. :)
> I agree Dan, those early-90's Volvo 850 wagons are -much- sexier, and
> boy are they fast!

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