850R: was: Purchase '91 200 20V?

Paul Friedenberg paulunm at msn.com
Wed Oct 2 05:32:16 EDT 2002

Now we are really off subject, but..

The 850R is a screamer. I was consistently losing drag races to my friend's
850R wagon automatic in my '97 E420 AMG. Upsetting. :)

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>Actually, the 850 is much closer in design to the S6, and yes, the cargo
>design is much better than the 200.
>With the turbo 5cyl engine, the Volvo should be able to keep up with the
>200 or S6, mine happens to be a non-turbo though (and now for sale on
>ebay by the way).
>Brett Dikeman wrote:
> >
> > At 9:54 AM -0400 10/1/02, Dan Simoes wrote:
> >
> > >while a 200 wagon looks like the bastard child of an old 100 and a
> > >Scirocco. :)
> >
> > I agree Dan, those early-90's Volvo 850 wagons are -much- sexier, and
> > boy are they fast!
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