[s-cars] Purchase '91 200 20V?

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Wed Oct 2 13:42:32 EDT 2002

Bearing in mind that this whole thread is _opinions_ , I totally agree with
Peter; I get all kinds of sideways glances at stoplights, and many 'sidewalk
conversations' with positive comments about the car, and inquiries about
what kind of car it is (and no, I don't think it has anything to do with the
fact that the '91s are 'de-badged').  IMO, S-Avants look more 'generic', and
blend into the crowd, except to the Audi enthusiasts  ;-)).

Having said that, I would still love to park an S6A [or maybe an allroad] in
the garage, to _add_ to the 200q20v Avant.  They both have a high FTD
coefficient [Fun To Drive], a quality build, and are in the ultimate sleeper

David Brill
Hillsboro, OR
'91 200q20v Lago Avant, 140k

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>I totally agree with you Phil.
>Dan B.
>The S6 Avant appeals to me more than its '91


You guys are killing me.
Or is it just envy (check my sig)?

I think that the S6 Avant looks more like a wagon, whereas the 200 Avant
looks more a 4 door coupe.


Peter Schulz
1990 CQ
1991 200 20v TQW indigo mica
1991 200 20v TQW titanium grey
Chelmsford, MA USA
peschulz at cisco.com

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