7A exhaust cam

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Thu Oct 3 19:51:40 EDT 2002

I'll add my 0.02 worth of 20vt performance mods experience from testing
that on a friend's car. This guy has a '93 UrS4 with an MTM ECU mod. He put
a 7A exhaust cam on his AAN along with an RS2 turbo and guess what? He blew
his head gasket in _one_ acceleration! Later on we found out that with all
performance mod that affects the engine's volumetric efficiency (cam,
turbo, manifolds, pistons, etc) need the ECU to be reprogrammed because of
the dramatical change in the VE. The ECU can compensate for rich or lean
running to a certain extent but not when the changes are so radical. He
later swapped the head gasket for an RS2 (same as the S6 part) and also
installed an RS2 exhaust manifold along with a special version of the MTM
software and guess what? He didn't blow the head gasket yet and the car
runs like a rocket! So, take care guys, whenever you install some parts
that affect the engine's VE, you need the software to be adapted to these
changes otherwise the results could be even more catastrophic than simply
blowing a head gasket.

This is easier for us in Europe because I know of some guys who can
reprogram the chips for about any mod added to it without charging people
too much, without copying other tuner's software but the only downside to
this is that they need the car to be there... you cannot just send your ECU
in and tell him "I have an RS2 turbo, a 7A exhaust cam, big injectors and
an enormous IC" for instance and have him reprogram everything for you...

HTH someone somehow,


At 09:29 3/10/2002 -0700, Bernie Benz wrote:
>Hi Josh,
>Yes, a few of the S-cargo guys have tried this and claim benefits at the top
>end, but for the wrong reasons, IMO.  I have some old posts on the subject,
>if interested.

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