[s-cars] Blizzacks or Alpins?

Ian Duff iduff at rcn.com
Thu Oct 3 12:27:34 EDT 2002

Based on very scientific research, where nothing but uninformed opinion was
used as data, I'd go with the Blizzaks on her car, and the Alpins on yours.
Then when the Blizzaks go away, go with a set of Hakkas for her. There,
how's that for pure, unadulterated BS?
-Ian Duff.
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Hello All,

At the risk of opening a can of worms, I have a snow tire question.  I have
two sets of snows, Blizzacks and Michelin Artic Alpins.  Both are used, but
in very good condition, both are 205/55/16.  My wife drives her A6Q about 40
miles on a variety of roads to get to work, I drive my 200 about 10 miles on
mainly highways.  Which tires for which cars?  Obviously, I think I should
put the more grippy tires on the A6.  Anybody tried both?

I read the reviews on the tire sites, but I can't get much from them; most
reviews compare all-seasons to snows (no comparison), or snows-on-this-car
to snows-on-that-car (different sizes?).


Tom Mullane
Hartford, CT
91 200Q
99 A6Q

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