[s-cars] Blizzacks or Alpins?

davidb01 davidb01 at attbi.com
Fri Oct 4 12:15:46 EDT 2002

I'd encourage you to read page 57 in the just-out Fall 2002 quattro
quarterly ["Winter technical tire buying guide: What to look for in a winter
tire"] - a good discussion about the various types & designs of snow tires,
including Blizzaks specifically; included is 'application info' (what
designs/types work best under certain conditions - wet, ice, slush, hard
pack, soft snow, etc.)

I don't know what model of Hakkas you've got - I'm heavily biased towards
them [having run 2 sets of the previous H10s; now I have a new set of H1s
waiting in the garage].  We get rarely get any snow in greater Portland, but
Mt. Hood is only 1-1/2 hours away, pass elevation ~ 4k, then another steep
~1k to the base of the 2 major ski areas.  I grew up in northern lower
Michigan, where the snowfall is significant & lasts all winter, so I do know
from snow  ;-)  - I miss driving in it.

David Brill

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Tom writes:

> Hopefully, it will be a while before I need to swap over to snows.

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