Rear stabilizer on type 44 - long

Adam Gratz adamgratz at
Fri Oct 4 22:36:10 EDT 2002


About locking the diffs: I used to lock the diffs in my old syncro wagon,
and do really stupid things (like humiliate 5.0 Mustangs on the streets of
Portland Oregon), until I read that Audi calls foul to locking on dry
pavement - so I stopped..... I also found the thing to be unpredictable in
the shallow Oregon snow with the diffs locked.

So, my question for all is: Am I doing damage (tires excluded) to my 200tqa
by driving locked on dry ground?

And as far as snow, please share stories and preferences.



'91 200tqa chipped, koni's
'88 5000tqa chipped, koni's and coil overs
'90 100 commuter slug
'86 syncro avant - (rip old friend)

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