[s-cars] Blizzacks or Alpins?

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Fri Oct 4 15:46:13 EDT 2002

I had a set of Blizzaks on an Infiniti company car (I feel compelled to add) once, and I'll never buy them or any of the other "snow compound" tires again.  They were fantastic in snow.  However:  a) they are only fantastic until you wear them past the layor of special compound, then they are average or below average; and b) Unless you really live in remote circumstances, you don't actually spend _that_ much time driving in actual snow, and these things are really terrible in the dry.  Maybe they've improved in the 5-6 years since I had mine, but they were downright spooky in corners on pavement.

Hakkas 10s I've used OTOH are superb in the snow if not as supernaturally grippy, and feel fine (well like snow tires used to) on dry pavement.   We haven't actually had snow for a while here in NJ, but if it looks like it'll get snowy, I'll buy Hakka 1s...

Brandon H

> I'd encourage you to read page 57 in the just-out Fall 2002 quattro
> quarterly ["Winter technical tire buying guide: What to look
> for in a winter
> tire"] - a good discussion about the various types & designs
> of snow tires,
> including Blizzaks specifically; included is 'application info' (what
> designs/types work best under certain conditions - wet, ice,
> slush, hard
> pack, soft snow, etc.)
> I don't know what model of Hakkas you've got - I'm heavily
> biased towards

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