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 I have recently purchased a 20 valve and bought it with no stereo.The owne=
rs before had kept the original bose pieces (in a box, where there could be=
 no fire?). I found Factory Car Stereo Repair on our audifans vendor prefer=
red list and got the head unit redone and got my recall done at the dealer.

  This car had one plug in amp and one enclosure from an 89 or 90 car. The =
service guy told me they fixed the right channel and the left didn't need r=
ecall work. He did give me the other amp board.

  I took it to work and our electronic department made me a 6 pin connector=
 attached to the wires from the soldered board.

  However the boards have one small difference. The center 2 pin positions =
are reversed.

  I asssembled all in the car and it sounds great. I highly recommend going=
 this route and using Factory Car Stereo Repair. The rate is reasonable and=
 the warrany is 1 yr. on the head unit and 2 yrs on rebuilt bose amps. Also=
 carries new bose speakers,

  Head unit gets a new buttons and potentiometer that are substantially bet=
ter than original. I have tried a rebuilt head unit of unknown origin on my=
 1990 100 before and the buttons were back to changing stations over bumps =
in 6 months.

  The web site (carstereohelp,com) includes a guide to specific audi models=
, and guides you through teardown and install.

    Mike helped me on the phone at (407) 327-5033 and talked of discounts f=
or listers.

  My 89 200q got a dose of aftermarket headunit,rockford amps, eclipse 6x9'=
s and a custom install of front speakers and I would say the original syste=
m in the 20-v is superior.

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